Congratulations to the winners
& Hats off to all the 14 teams who participated
in our MCB InovApp Challenge 2.0.

See you on our next challenge.

An initiative from MCB to stimulate creativity that drives innovation.

The MCB InovApp Challenge aims to identify brilliant people and teams - including start-ups, students and SMEs - who can ally creativity, innovation and technology to design next-gen solutions for the Mauritian banking sector and for the country at large. Be part of the #InovAppChallenge – A platform of convergence for passionate geeks, lateral thinkers, troubleshooters and innovators. The ultimate aim of the competition is for each group to come up with a working prototype.

And don't worry, your ideas remain yours.









The winners

Winner: Kafkaesque

Solution: Digital Ecosystem to connect handy workers and the public.
Vidush Namah
Soodeshna Bappoo
Alan Jean

1st Runner up: Talking Dodo

Solution: App for tourism sector.
Olfa Fdhila
Samuel Randriakotonjanahary
Catherine Njeri
Kevin Apondi

2nd Runner Up: Ipedis Team

Solution: Sports App
Rajendra Ballgobin
Prakash Bhunjun
Satish Sookun
Gabriel Randriamitsiry
Yanis Ghidouche

“We walked into MCB to have fun - and we did, oh so much. And we walked out swelling with pride - and hands full of goodies - ready to meet our family and friends to share the experience.”

Vidush H. Namah

“Such a joyous journey throughout the competition, and I will cherish those moments MCB enabled us to experience. Kafkaesque? Inovapp winner? Did we really win? Oh yeah! The team did it! And it felt like we were on top of the world.”

Soodeshna Bappoo

“It's funny to think back to then, and ponder upon the fact -The winners were about to be announced, and there we were, quite aloof, our inner self-critics discussing the little things that went awry, and what could be done about it in a possible future competition. A moment later, it was complete euphoria!”

Alan Jean

What happened this year!


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Matthieu Benoit

Head of Marketing, MCB Ltd

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Vincent Chatard

Chief Operating Officer, MCB Ltd

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Shirin Gunny

Chief Operations Officer, Made in Moris

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Dominic Provençal

Deputy Head of Retail, MCB Ltd

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